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Birdog Satellite Meter Repair
Birdog Meter Repair Request Form
Birdog Satellite Meter Repair

  • Evaluation is $75.  This amount will go towards the cost of repairs if any are made.
  • Drop off or ship meter to 18 Lomar Park, Pepperell, MA 01463.
  • Complete Birdog Meter Repair Request Form (link to the left) and include form with your meter along with a business card if one is available.
  • Please do not send in any accessories including case, cables, or manuals.  While we do our best to return all materials that are sent to us, we are not responsible if any of these items are lost.
  • Boxes we receive are disposed of.  If you would like to keep the original white box you received your meter in, please do not use it to ship us your meter.
  • We will call or email to confirm receipt of your meter.
  • Once your meter has been evaluated we may contact you with a quote prior to repair depending on the work that needs to be done.  Otherwise, we will proceed with repairs and contact you with cost information and options for paying your invoice.
  • You are responsible for cost of shipping.
*Please provide current and accurate shipping and contact information when you send your meter in.  If any of your information changes, please be sure to contact us with updated information.